• March 26, 2014

      Video Production Melbourne


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      Waking up every morning, and stepping inside the studio reiterates just how thrilled I am to be involved in such an exciting and creative industry. We have come a long way with video production. Technology has broken down the barriers and changed the video industry for good. We see now that nearly all organizations are really seeing the benefits of embracing video due to tablets, smart phones and the internet being such a strong and integral force.

      Human’s have now grown accustomed to all their needs being available on demand at the touch of their fingers.

      I have been working in the TV industry for the past 6 years for Fox International Channels and in that time I have seen a massive change with shows we are producing now growing ever more socially interactive to engage in a growing and hungry audience through the use of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

      I started my own production company a few years back drawing my knowledge from working for the biggest media corporation in the world, Fox, as well as some of the worlds leading brands. Since moving back to Melbourne from Asia I have been lucky enough to put together a great team who help me create brilliant content for all our clients. We still currently produce a lot of TV shows as well as corporate videos, TV commercials and post production. Our film production company in Melbourne really is an exciting hub of creativity.

      Cliff Ho Productions employs some of the best directors and producers from around the world who help me in developing each project.

      We’re not just a video production company, we also provide everything from the creative development stage, all the way through to marketing your video and servicing it to social media platforms. We are also a digital agency that knows how to launch your brand to your targeted market.

      In order to attain the best results, it is imperative that you use not only the best people, but also the best resources available. And in this, we pride ourselves on constantly being at the forefront of embracing new technology such as cameras, rigs and aerial drones. We have invested so heavily in equipment and this ensures that clients can attain the highest quality videos at a fraction of the cost you would expect.

      Post production in Melbourne is a huge industry and we have some of the most advanced editing suites and software available. We can do everything from animation, special effects and grading.

      One of the most important ways to market your company is through video.

      How we work at CHP, whenever we deal with a new client, we simply find out what their idea is and our team get together and brainstorm the most effective way to produce an up to date cutting edge video that will help put your brand at the forefront.

      Video production in Melbourne is an exciting time as we have so many great brands that are willing to create and push the boundaries in the way they market themselves. Our job is to create and help deliver a video that can push your brand and give it the edge it deserves.

      We have noticed an incredible increase in companies embracing corporate videos and training videos in Melbourne. In-house training videos are also helping companies save money in the long run.

      Our videographers in Melbourne and abroad are some of the finest who have shot everything from TV commercials, to reality TV series’, documentaries and interviews with the world’s biggest entertaining artists.

      We are a young, fun, creative company with a wealth of production experience and we take pride in our easy-going approach when dealing with clients. We will keep you informed throughout the entire process, from the initial idea, to the finished product and beyond.

      Feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting and we can discuss how to bring your ideas to life.


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