• October 29, 2013

      Corporate Videos Melbourne


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      Videos have taken over the way we do business and how we market ourselves. Since the introduction of smart phones and the ever expanding use of YouTube, videos have become a part of our day to day life. Video production in Melbourne has seen massive growth in recent years especially in regard to corporate videos and web videos. Companies are now embracing the web and understand how important the use of producing their own videos for their brand has become. With the power of social media, videos have become a vital tool in sharing the brand’s information. Consumers are more likely to engage in a video than they are through text or photos.

      Every time you see a (play) button, you’re almost certainly likely to click on the video. Thanks to Steve Jobs, our worlds are becoming far more interactive. And this is great news for brands as now they can directly engage with their audience.


      Here at Cliff Ho Productions we make sure all our videos are compatible to watch on mobile phones as 50% of smartphone users watch a webvideo on their mobile device.


      There are some massive advantages for a company to produce their own video. Where websites have a video on their homepage, visitors stay 2 minutes longer on average. People who watch a webvideo are also 64% more likely to purchase rather than those reading text/images. (Comscore)

      Forbes Insight also found that 59% of senior executives prefer to watch video than reading text. And this is definitely our personal favourite reason for using a webvideo or corporate video; YouTube’s Vice President of Global Content Robert Cyncl said “Videos will generate 90% of internet traffic in the near future”. Which if you think about it, is an extremely high amount and shows us exactly what the consumers are after; VIDEOS.


      Corporate videos in Melbourne aren’t only just for web use and many companies look to do in-house videos for training purposes which will save loads of time for the company in the long run. Companies may also look to do a TV commercial which is something we are very familiar with having shot with some of the worlds leading brands such as FOX, Channel [V], LandRover, Blackberry to name a few.

      Our job at Cliff Ho Productions is to ensure that we not only produce something that is great quality, but also help you explore new and innovative ideas on how to tell your story through video.

      We all know TV is a great way for advertising and believe it or not, it is not as expensive as some may think. We also know the power of social media and the fact that sharing a video online can be equally as powerful if executed in the right way.


      As a production company in Melbourne we believe that telling your story through the use of video will have great benefits for your business. We take all the hard work out and make delivering a video extremely easy and fun. We will do everything from helping write the script to sourcing talent and even promoting your finished video.  We also try and make all our corporate web and TV videos as affordable as possible and really love working with repeat clients.


      Our highly experienced team have worked with some of the biggest brands and we would love to be working with yours no matter how big or small.


      There are loads of video production companies in Melbourne, and one of our biggest ways that we stand out among the crowd, besides our experience, is the fact that we invest so heavily on the latest up to date cameras, lenses, rigs and even editing software. So no matter how crazy you feel your idea may be, we will have the right tools to bring your story to life.


      So if you are after a corporate video in Melbourne or even a TV commercial or something web based, we would love to hear from you and even if you’d just like to brainstorm ideas for your video, feel free to contact us anytime.

      Visit our contact page for details.








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